Our Journey

Dr. Desai graduated from Indiana University with a Doctorate in Optometry. His studies included three months of internship with the Indian Health Service at the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Oregon and the Eye Institute of Utah in Salt Lake City. During that time, he gained valuable experience in ocular pathology and therapeutics.

After graduation he began his career with LensCrafters as a sublease doctor, purchasing a practice in Plattsburgh, NY. After closing the store, 7 months later, LensCrafters offered Dr. Desai an employed position at the Walden Galleria in Buffalo, NY. Over the next 3 to 4 years, the practice grew significantly.

At this time, an executive position with LensCrafters opened up in Canada and Dr. Desai was eager to take on the new and unique challenge as the Director of Optometric Relations and ultimately, the Associate Vice-President of Eye Care. This role involved developing and implementing best practices within the independent doctor offices next to LensCrafters. Dr. Desai was also intimately involved in the acquisition and integration of 3 optical brands (Pearle Vision, King Optical Group and Precision Optical), which ultimately expanded the Pearle Vision brand in Canada.

Erin Mills Eye Care and Dr. Mayur Desai Optometry Professional Corporation were established in September 2009, when Dr. Desai wanted to focus more on providing patient care full time and raise the level of eye care people in the area have come to expect.

The vision of Erin Mills Eye Care was to offer quality patient care and service, implementing many of the LensCrafters best practices Dr. Desai had spent years implementing in other practices.

Starting with nothing, the patient base has grown over the past 12 years. While facing many challenges over the years, including a major remodel of the mall lasting 3-4 years, a major store remodel and multiple mall closures due to COVID, we have survived.

During COVID, while business was down thirty percent, Dr. Desai made a significant investment to upgrade the imaging machine to the OPTOS California AF, which has become the standard in many optometry and ophthalmology practices. This imaging machine aids in the early detection of many retinal pathologies including retinal holes, tears, detachments and tumors. It is recommended for everyone.

Dr. Mayur Desai always envisioned to have a small boutique optometric practice and optical located on the main street of a small town offering comprehensive eye examinations with high quality eyewear and lenses. That never happened, until now…

However, ORB Eye Care exemplifies an evolution in provision of eye care over the years as it offers more services and better products than were available many years ago.

ORB Eye Care is the culmination of a vision that evolved from Dr. Desai’s experience working with companies like LensCrafters, as an executive and doctor, Squint Eyewear, and Josephson Opticians.

The patient journey from the eye exam to frame and lens selection can be daunting. Our focus on patient care, customer service and the overall experience aims to make that experience seamless and easy.