Comprehensive Eye Exam

The best way to preserve our vision is to have comprehensive eye exams at regular intervals.

Many eye and vision problems do not present with obvious signs and symptoms, as a result, individuals are often unaware that a problem may exist. We recommend that our patients have an annual eye examination to maintain optimal eye health and visual acuity.

At Erin Mills Eye Care, we provide complete eye examination for the whole family. Our doctors perform a thorough vision exam and take the time to discuss any issues you might be having with your sight.

Your complete eye exam will include the following:

  • A review of your health and ocular history and to determine if you are experiencing any signs or symptoms that need to be addressed.
  • Visual acuity to measure how clearly each eye is seeing
  • Preliminary tests of visual function
  • Refraction to determine the appropriate lens power and best prescription possible for glasses and/or contact lenses.
  • An assessment of your ocular health

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